Foxwells Garden

quick and easy page for informations

what is this about?

Foxwells Garden is semi-private network that has domains, hardware and decentralized hosting for friends and family,
This includes a small experimental IRC network that is linked between Telegram and Discord,
In turn we also have a community of people (mostly comprised of my friends) who use some of the services we provide.
An intresting fact is that all server hardware and domains are either donated or come out of my pocket

why is this a thing?

To take control back from companies and to just experiment with hardware and chill around with friends/family and the occasional strangers.

who is this ran by? (this is going to be a long one)

Most of you may know me but if you don't
My name is Brianna but my screen name is UtsuhoRocks (most people call me Utsuho/Bri),
I work on cursed projects and just generally enjoy life, I started public online communities around 2011 and built up from there,
In short, I'm a hobbiest sysadmin and developer who does fun things with a community of friends

where is this located?

I'm personally living in the United Kingdom but the servers we use are located in many of places, a short list where things are primarily,
United Kingdom (Wales and England), United States (Seattle WA, Texas and Virginia), Canada (Toronto) and Finland (Helsinki)

People who have donated hardware / rackspace / whatever else

Erin / #general-programming
Mary Strodl